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Should I Purchase Hearing Aids Online?

hearing aid.pngYou have likely seen dozens of ads promoting hearing aids or devices for purchase online or over-the-counter (OTC). There are many options available today, ranging from programmable digital hearing aids to OTC hearing devices to personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs), and each option can be found in a variety of price ranges.  In our technology-driven society where consumers are bombarded with promises of the “latest and greatest,” how can you determine the best solution for you or a loved one?

“Our recommendation is to look beyond the device and consider hearing healthcare as a whole”, said Dr. Mary Frances Johnson, an audiologist at UMMC Ear, Nose and Throat.

Dr. Mary Frances

An audiologist is a doctoral-level healthcare provider who specializes in identifying, diagnosing, and treating hearing and balance disorders. Before spending money on amplifiers or hearing devices, consider having a comprehensive hearing assessment performed by a licensed audiologist. 

“An audiologist will develop a specific treatment plan to address your unique hearing needs”, Johnson explained. “Hearing aids are just one aspect of a comprehensive approach to improved communication.” 

If you have already purchased hearing aids or PSAPs and do not find much benefit from the devices, an audiologist can still help you. 

“We can determine if the devices are appropriate for your hearing loss and, depending on the device brand and model, we may be able to make programming adjustments,” Johnson said. “Improving your quality of life is our priority”.

When you buy hearing aids or amplifiers online, you are a consumer making an independent purchase.  When you see the audiologists at UMMC Ear, Nose and Throat, you are considered as a unique patient with unique communication needs.

“It is our privilege to guide you on your journey to better hearing”, Johnson said.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call UMMC Ear, Nose and Throat at 601-815-6064.