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Past Fellow Testimonials

In 2019-2020 we welcomed our first ever fellow, Dr Josh Milby. Please read what he said about his fellowship year.

My Fellowship experience at the University of Mississippi was incredible.  The volume and complexity of cases seen DAILY was far beyond what I anticipated.  There is zero scut work.  The service will run the same with or without you. The residents are perhaps the best part of this program.  They worked very hard to ensure  my only responsibilities were to learn as much as possible and to be a functioning member of the Trauma team, which was phenomenal.  As the only fellow you will have free choice over what cases you will be doing on any particular day.  The attendings are incredible surgeons, mentors, and people.  Having just completed my first month of practice at a Level 1 trauma center I can say without a doubt that this program will prepare you for anything.  If I had it to do all over again I would absolutely still choose the University of Mississippi Medical Center and recommend them without hesitation.

Joshua N. Milby, DO