Trauma Fellowship

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Clinical Responsibilities

  • UMMC provides a unique learning environment. Our well established and extremely high volume trauma service has been traditionally run without a fellow. This affords you the freedom to focus on the cases rather than the daily busywork of a trauma service. Working closely with the faculty allows for you to develop the skills and the relationship necessary for graduated autonomy throughout the fellowship.
  • We run 2-3 orthopaedic trauma rooms per day from 7:30 to ~6pm. This can swell to 4 rooms depending on clinical volume.
  • 1-2 trauma faculty are in the OR daily. This means there is daily decisions to be made with what cases you want to be a part of.
  • You will be in the OR 4 days per week with ½ a day dedicated to clinic and ½ a day dedicated to research
  • Our trauma fellow takes call once per week and one weekend per month. All call is with a trauma faculty member. Because of our excellent OR access, call is generally not onerous and operating overnight is reserved for truly life and limb-threatening orthopaedic injuries. On the weekends, we have a dedicated trauma room and often get 2 rooms.
    In the second half of the year, there is the opportunity for the fellow to take call autonomously with trauma faculty backup. This has been extremely favorable for the fellow and gives the unique opportunity to not only operate independently but manage a busy level 1 trauma service