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Current Research

  • An Analysis of Adult Emergency Medicine Residents in Diagnosing and Triaging Ophthalmic Emergencies.  Blake Matherne, William Watkins, and Nicholas E. Hoda.
  • Finding Fungus:  Exploring the Utility of Ophthalmology Consults for Fungemia at UMMC.  Clayton Patrick and Albert Lin.
  • Patient Wait Times at UMMC Ophthalmology:  A Quality Improvement Project.  Kimberly Crowder.
  • Prevalence of Deer Consumption Habits in Patients with Toxoplasmosis Chorioretinitis:  A Retrospective Case Control.  Kevin Mays and Albert Lin.
  • Short Term Outcomes of a Novel Sutured-in Intraocular lens Technique Using an enVista™ Intraocular Lens.  Erin Petersen and Albert Lin. Resident Research Day.
  • Understanding the Clinical Variability of Ocular Zika Infection Using a Disease Model.  Sean Carter and Federico Gonzales-Fernandez.
  • UMMC XEN Gel and Hydrus Microstent Outcomes.  Taylor Coleman, Jay Craddock, and Troy Newman.