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M-3 information

  • OB-GYN 631. Obstetrics & Gynecology. The third-year clerkship in obstetrics-gynecology is designed to provide a strong clinical base in normal and abnormal obstetrics and gynecology along with exposure to the subspecialties and health maintenance strategies for women. Students rotate in small groups through labor and delivery, high-risk obstetrics service, women's urgent care center, gynecology, urogynecology and/or gynecologic oncology over a six-week period. Students participate in all aspects of outpatient and inpatient care. They also assist during selected surgical cases. Obstetrical delivery experience is provided with supervision by attending faculty and residents. An interactive didactic lecture series is supplemented by weekly tutorial clinical problem-solving sessions with faculty preceptors. Students actively participate in resident and faculty teaching rounds and attend all departmental conferences, including grand rounds, preoperative conference, morbidity and mortality, and all resident didactics.

M-4 information

  • OB-GYN 653. High-Risk Obstetrics. The student will actively participate in the hospital management of high-risk obstetric patients under the supervision of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty and fellows. The student will also be involved with patients receiving genetic counseling and undergoing antenatal diagnosis. In addition to the clinical experience, tutorial sessions with perinatal faculty and fellows will provide the student with an understanding of current literature and an opportunity to explore a specific topic in-depth. (One student each month. Available all months.)
  • OB-GYN 655. Labor and Delivery. Under the supervision of an obstetric resident and the faculty, the student will participate in the management of patients admitted to labor and delivery. In addition, the student intern will learn to recognize antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum complications as well as recognize and manage obstetric emergencies. (Two students each month. Available all months.)
  • OB-GYN 656. Operative Gynecology. Students will spend one calendar month with either the GYN A (benign gynecology) or the GYN B (urogynecology) service. They will participate in all activities undertaken by the respective service, including ambulatory clinics, operative experiences, conferences/didactics, small group sessions and care for unscheduled hospital admissions. The student will work closely with the residents and faculty as a vital member of the team, carrying the same patient load that is expected of a PGY-1. This should prepare the student for this level of service activity upon graduation. (Two students each month. Available all months.)
  • OB-GYN 658. Gynecologic Oncology. The student will actively participate in the management of gynecologic oncology patients. This includes pre-operative and postoperative management as well as assisting in radical surgery and medical admissions. An emphasis is placed on allowing an increased level of clinical responsibility and faculty interaction. (One student each month. Available all months.)
  • OB-GYN 659. OB-GYN Ambulatory Care. Students are responsible for seeing new and return patients in the OB-GYN ambulatory care setting. On the first visit, a complete history is taken. On return patient visits, an interval note is recorded. All examinations, diagnoses and suggested treatments are supervised by the attending physician. (Six students each block. Available all blocks.)
  • OB-GYN 661. OB-GYN Research. This course is designed to teach M4 students research tools and their application to answering medically relevant research questions, specifically of interest to those specializing in obstetrics and gynecology research. (Ten students each block. Available fall semester.)
  • OB-GYN 851. and 852. Obstetrics and Gynecology Extramural. Extramural rotations for four weeks or longer can be arranged with the course director or chair's approval for students who are interested in the specialty. (Available for senior medical students only. Available all months.)

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