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Neurology Research

The UMMC Department of Neurology has traditionally been active in clinical and basic research. Current clinical research include clinical trials of drug therapies for epilepsy, headache, optic neuritis and acute stroke (the department is a center for the carotid endarterectomy trials and stroke epidemiology studies) and primary CNS tumors. Other ongoing clinical studies are in the fields of cerebellar ataxias, multiple sclerosis, stroke and neuromuscular disease.

Current basic science research includes developing an animal model for cerebellar ataxias and the role of neuronal growth factors and related receptor protein-tyrosine kinases in the pathogenesis of hereditary ataxias.

There is also a great deal of interest in the basic research of cerebrovascular diseases, both within the department and in collaboration with other departments throughout UMMC. Residents at all stages of training and faculty are encouraged to either participate in ongoing research projects or to initiate their own research projects.