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Neuroscience Research Division


The Neuroscience Research Division is an integral part of the Department of Neurology and effectively promotes interaction between clinicians and basic scientists towards achieving goals of the Department. Our mission is to develop resources to support research and training programs and apply knowledge gained through fundamental research on neuronal/glial structure and function to develop novel drug and peptide delivery strategies and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.


  • Parminder J.S. Vig, PhD
    Chief, Neuroscience Division
    Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry
    Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences
    Research; Neurology
  • Gene L. Bidwell, III, PhD
    Associate Professor (Nonclinical)
    Research; Biochemistry
  • Juebin Huang, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research; Neurology
  • Hyun Joon Lee, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research; Neurology
  • Junie Warrington Tate
    Assistant Professor
    Research; Neurology


  • Mary A. Thweatt
    RN - Clinical Research
  • Andrew Majeste
    RN - Clinical Research, 1/2 Neurology and 1/2 Mind Center
  • Qingmei Shao
    Researcher IV
  • Rowshan Begum
    Researcher III
  • Mariper Lopez
    Researcher II
  • Fakhri Mahdi
    Scientist I
  • Jeremy W. McGowan
    Graduate Assistant