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Sensory Systems: Development, Structure and Function

  • sensory-systems.jpgMolecular mechanisms for cochlear nucleus structure and function (K. Yee)
  • Synapse formation between inner ear hair cells and nerve fibers (D. Vetter)
  • Responses of neurons in the auditory pathways (R. Batra)
  • Trigeminal pathways (S. Warren, P. May)
  • Vestibular physiology (W. Zhou, H. Zhu)
  • Pain afferent sprouting and synaptogenesis in spinal cord injury, animal (K. Tansey)
  • Sensory control of autonomic function in spinal cord injury, animal/human (K. Tansey)
  • Cutaneous modulation of spinal reflex network, human (D. Stokic)
*Note: Bold indicates primary appointments in Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences.