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Basic Science Research Areas

Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences faculty are engaged in a range of nationally recognized and funded research aimed at discovering the ways in which the nervous system normally operates as it senses and responds to the environment, as well as the neurobiological basis of neurologic, traumatic and psychiatric diseases. In addition, a portion of the faculty seeks to improve health care education through pedagogic research. 

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Anatomical Educationanatomical-education.jpg
Attention, Reward, Motivation and Addictionattention.jpg
Motor Systems Controlmotor-systems.jpg
Nervous System Trauma and Diseasenervous-system.jpg
Neurodevelopment and Developmental Disordersneurodevelopment.jpg
Neuroendocrinology and Circadian Rhythmsneuroendocrinology.jpg
Sensory Systems:
Development, Structure and Function
Other Research Areasother-research.jpg