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Nervous System Trauma and Disease

  • nervous-system.jpgCentral nervous system responses to bariatric surgery (B. Grayson)
  • Mechanisms of neural degeneration in motor systems (P. Vig)
  • Mechanisms of antidepressant function (I. Paul)
  • Peripheral and central vestibular responses to acoustic trauma (W. Zhou, H. Zhu)
  • Responses to and therapeutic interventions for spinal; and neural trauma (R. Grill)
  • Role of local HPA axis-like signaling in sound trauma (D. Vetter)
  • Spinal cord injury and recovery of sexual reflexes (L. Coolen)
  • Therapeutic testing using neural tumors (E. Perkins)
  • Neural plasticity and functional recovery in spinal cord injury, animal (K. Tansey)/human (K. Tansey, D. Stokic)
  • Robotics in neurorehabilitation, human (K. Tansey, D. Stokic)
  • Neuropathology of West Nile virus infection, animal/human (P. Vig, D. Stokic)
*Note: Bold indicates primary appointments in Neurobiology & Anatomical Sciences.