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Motor Systems Control

  • motor-systems.jpgCircuitry of eyelid, pupil and lens reflexes (P. May, S. Warren)
  • Proprioceptive control of eye movements (P. May, S. Warren, L. Chen)
  • Spinal control of sexual reflexes (L. Coolen)
  • Visual gaze control (P. May, S. Warren, L. Chen)
  • Vestibular gaze control (W. Zhou, P. May)
  • Neuromodulation of locomotion in spinal cord injury, human (K. Tansey)
  • Reflex function and spasticity in spinal cord injury, animal (K. Tansey) /human (K. Tansey, D. Stokic)
  • Recovery of reach and grasp in spinal cord injury, human (K. Tansey, D. Stokic)
  • Biomechanics of force control after stroke, human (J. Chow)
  • Gait and spasticity after stroke, human (J. Chow, D. Stokic)
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation in studies of motor control, human (D. Stokic)
*Note: Bold indicates primary appointments in Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences.