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Internal Medicine Rotations

We offer several fourth-year Internal Medicine rotations. We strive to create an experience that mirrors a medicine internship as closely as possible. In preparation for the increased responsibility they will have as interns, our goal is to expose fourth-year students to a solid foundation of inpatient, general, internal medicine.

Course No.CourseCourse
No. of
No. of Students
MED 651 

General Medicine -Core Selective

Dr. Michelle HornJennifer Chappell416
MED 652 

Ambulatory Medicine - Core Selective 

Dr. Michelle HornJennifer Chappell42
MED 653

Special Medicine - Elective

Dr. Michelle HornJennifer Chappell46
MED 654

Cardiology - Elective

Dr. Michael McMullanJennifer Chappell42
MED 655

Gastroenterology - Elective

Dr. Pegah Hosseini-CarrollJennifer Chappell43
MED 657

Infectious Diseases - Elective

Dr. Ben BrockJennifer Chappell43
MED 659

Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine - Core Selective

Dr. Jessie HarveyJennifer Chappell46
MED 660

Nephrology - Elective

Dr. Desiree Garcia-AntonJennifer Chappell22
MED 661

Geriatrics - Elective

Dr. Scott GibsonJennifer Chappell41
MED 663

Ambulatory Medicine in the Amazon Jungles of Peru - Elective

Dr. Svenja AlbrechtJennifer Chappell410
MED 666

Endocrinology - Elective

Dr. Jose SubausteJennifer Chappell42
MED 667

Medical Consult Service - Elective

Dr. Fred AsherJennifer Chappell42
MED 668

Rheumatology - Elective

Dr. Shweta KishoreJennifer Chappell42
MED 670

Medical Oncology - Elective

Dr. Daryl HamiltonJennifer Chappell42
MED 673 

Rural Internal Medicine Practice - Core Selective

Dr. Michelle HornJennifer Chappell42
MED 674

Hospital Medicine - Elective

Dr. Fred AsherJennifer Chappell42
MED 675

Interventional Cardiology - Core Selective

Dr. Michael McMullanJennifer Chappell42