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ACP Abstract Day Awards


Congratulations to our winners in each category:

  • Basic Science Research - Bijalben Patel, medical student - Soluble guanylate cyclase activators attenuate hypertension in a rat model of preeclampsia by improving endothelial function
  • Clinical Research - Elliott Varney, PGY-1, preliminary medicine year for radiology - Comparative effectiveness of noninvasive tests for staging chronic liver disease
  • Quality Improvement - Amor Royer, PGY-2, categorical internal medicine - Screen a little, stay a lot: A retrospective analysis of MRSA screening of inpatients
  • Clinical Vignette - Peyton Treutel, PGY-1, categorical internal medicine - Extraosseous manifestation of multiple myeloma: An unusual presentation


Congratulations to our winners in each category:

  • Basic science research - Bijalben Patel, medical student. Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Stimulators and Activators as a Potential Treatment Option for Preeclampsia
  • Clinical research - Kelly Windham, medical student. Analysis of Racial Disparities in UMMC Pediatric Critical Congenital Heart Disease Population
  • Quality improvement and patient safety - Andrew Brown, third-year internal medicine resident. High blood pressure, can we recheck that?
  • Clinical vignettes - Jennifer Kennard, first-year rheumatology fellow . A Case of Antisynthetase Syndrome Initially Presenting as Recurrent Pneumonia


  • Quality improvement and patient safety – Olu Kolawole. Let sleeping bugs lie: Assessing inappropriate treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria among residents
  • Basic science research – Edgar Torres Fernandez. Are the androgen-induced cardiometabolic effects in polycystic ovary syndrome irreversible?
  • Clinical research – Doris Hansen. Autologous bone marrow transplantation for multiple myeloma: An analysis of risk factors that affected patient outcomes at UMMC
  • Clinical vignette – Avani Patel. When renal function fades like a vapor in the wind: A case of vaping associated propylene glycol induced AIN




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