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A Typical Day on Wards

A Typical Day on the General Medicine Wards
7 a.m. (or earlier)Pre-rounds
Interns and medical students pre-round on patients, checking events of the previous night, following up on test results, etc. Night team hands off to day team.
7:15-8:15 a.m.Morning work rounds
The upper-level resident rounds on all patients with the team, teaching and modifying the plan of care for each patient.
8:15-9:15 a.m.Morning report
The chief resident leads an interactive small group conference. Topics include post-call cases with critique and comment by the chairman or chief resident; case presentations by the ward teams; and a review of timely topics with a friendly competition for
Team of the Month honors.
9:15-11:30Attending rounds
The attending physician discusses each patient's plan of care with the team. Bedside teaching and physical examination skills are emphasized.
11:30-11:50Resident work time
Protected work time for residents and students to take care of the business of the service prior to lunch and conference.
Noon-12:50Noon conference
In addition to a 12-month curriculum focused on patient care and board preparation, monthly conferences include Grand Rounds, Professor Pro Tempore, Clinical Pathologic Correlation and Continuous Quality Improvement.
1-5 p.m.Afternoon work time
Residents track down diagnostic studies, complete procedures, admit patients if taking short or long call that day, and discharge patients.
5 p.m.Sign-outs
Residents turn over care of their patients to the night medicine intern for the evening. In addition to a written list, a verbal report is given to ensure adequate transfer of care.
7 p.m.Hand-off to night medicine
Night medicine team begins to handle admissions.