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Categorical Residents: 3 Years at a Glance

To ensure our residents are provided a quality outpatient education and continuity of care, we have incorporated an X+Y schedule system for each PGY-1 and PGY-2 class. Each PGY-1 and PGY-2 schedule alternates ward services with outpatient clinics or subspecialty consult services. While on the latter services, residents will attend two continuity half clinic days per week. While on ward services, no clinic will be scheduled.

Categorical Medicine Sample Schedule
JulyUniversity Wards Geriatrics WardsRheumatology
AugustVA AmbulatoryDermatologyAmbulatory Hematology & Oncology
SeptemberUniversity MICUOncology WardsProcedure Team
OctoberNeurologyInfectious Diseases ConsultsPulmonology Consults
NovemberCardiology WardsVA MICUHematology Wards
DecemberEmergency DepartmentVA AmbulatoryCardiology Consults
JanuaryVA WardsUniversity WardsUniversity MICU
FebruaryRenal ConsultsMedicine ConsultsVA Ambulatory
MarchUniversity WardsVA WardsUniversity Wards
AprilInfectious Diseases ConsultsVA Primary CareHospitalist
MayUniversity Night FloatUniversity MICUEndocrinology Consults
JuneGastroenterology & Hepatology ConsultsResearchUniversity Night Float