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Categorical Residents: 3 Years at a Glance

To ensure our residents are provided a quality outpatient education and continuity of care, we have incorporated an X+Y schedule system for each PGY-1 and PGY-2 class. Each PGY-1 and PGY-2 schedule alternates ward services with outpatient clinics or subspecialty consult services. While on the latter services, residents will attend two continuity half clinic days per week. While on ward services, no clinic will be scheduled.

Categorical Medicine Sample Schedule
JulyHematology ConsultsPrimary Care AmbulatoryRheumatology
AugustUniversity WardsVA WardsUniversity ICU
SeptemberNeurologyEndocrinology ConsultsCardiology Consults
OctoberUniversity ICUOncology WardsUniversity Wards
NovemberEmergency DepartmentMedicine ConsultsDermatology
DecemberVA WardsUniversity ICUVA Wards
JanuaryInfectious Diseases ConsultsPulmonary ConsultsPalliative Care
FebruaryNight MedicineUniversity WardsCardiac ICU
MarchVA Ambulatory ClinicsGastroenterology/Hepatology ConsultsVA Ambulatory
AprilUniversity WardsGeriatrics WardsNight Medicine
MayNephrology ConsultsVA Ambulatory ClinicsCommunity Elective
JuneCardiology WardsHematology WardsOncology Wards