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Journal Club

Residents participate in Journal ClubJournal Club is an interactive monthly conference. A clinical question based on a clinical vignette is sent out that focuses on important topics in medicine. Two senior residents (PGY-2 or PGY-3) perform a literature search based on the clinical vignette and choose one article that bests answers the question posed in the vignette. The residents present their journal articles in a pro vs con format. In addition, each resident provides a literature concept that is required to critically appraise published research.  

Faculty experts are chosen by each resident and attend the Journal Club conference to provide insight on the article as it pertains to clinical practice. Moreover, each Journal Club has a designated judge who grades the articles based on an appraisal template and the speakers based on their presentations; the judge announces a winner at the end of the hour.

Below are examples of previous clinical vignettes and their associated articles.