Mississippi Critical Care Conference

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2023 Mississippi Critical Care Conference Presenters and Topics

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Thomas Dobbs, MD

Keynote Address:

Critical Care: An Exhaustible Public Health Resource

David Cretella, PharmD

Jason Parham, MD

Applying Antimicrobial Stewardship Principles to Critically Ill Patients

Krishna Pandit, MD

Intubating the Unstable Patient

Alan Dukes, PharmD

Nutrition Support in the Critically Ill 

Matthew Kutcher, MD

Hot Off the Press: 10 Critical Care Trials from the Last Year That Should Inform Your Practice

Dakota Taylor, PharmD

Putting on the PADlock: The Keys to Pain, Agitation, and Delirium 

Hartmut Uschmann, MD

Andrew Wilhelm, DO

Mouayyad Zaza, MD

Realtime Use of CT Findings at the Bedside

Laura Smart, MD

Liver Failure and When to Transfer

Jessie Harvey, MD

Hess Robertson, MD

Bedside POCUS Use in the Critical Care Setting

Athanasios Tsiouris, MD

VV ECMO: Who Is It Good For and When to Ask

William Denney, MD

Thromboelastography (TEG) as a Guide for Blood Product Resuscitation 

Keith Mansel, MD

Palliative Care in the ICU

Catherine Wells, ACNP

Clinical Pearls for Prescribing and Managing Renal Replacement Therapy

Wesley Aldred, MD

Hartmut Uschmann, MD

Issues in Brain Death and the Transition Toward Organ Donation 

Laura Vick, MD

Wound Management and Pressure Injury Prevention

Gabriel Hernandez, MD

Advances in the Management of Pulmonary Embolism: A PERTinent Discussion

Rachel Morris, MD

Clinical Issues in Critical Care Obstetrics

Anand Mamdani, MD

Management of Acute Stroke

Sameer Sharma, MD

Status Epilepticus Management