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Message from the Division Director


I invite you to spend a few minutes reviewing our division website, where you’ll find a remarkable collection of academicians, programs and people focused on living the ideals of our mission statement. I think you’ll discover that our group members are leaders in health care education, quality, patient safety and research. This site will provide you with a broad overview of the clinical, educational, scholarly and leadership achievements and opportunities. 

I have the great privilege of serving as the division director of Hospital Medicine and am delighted to share some information about our program with you. Our physicians and advanced practice providers serve a large, diverse population of patients at University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC).

We take pride in delivering collaborative, compassionate, and comprehensive care to patients with complex conditions and their families. In addition to caring for patients with acute medical problems and acute exacerbations of chronic conditions, we also provide consultative care for perioperative management of medical problems and complex symptom management.

A core part of our mission is to shape the next generation of medical professionals through mentorship and education. Our faculty do an exceptional job in teaching medical students, nurse practitioner students, residents, and fellows.

Finally, let me say that our greatest strength is our people. We know that the best way to ensure the highest quality care for our patients is to make every effort to support our health care professionals. This philosophy is true throughout UMMC and is especially true within our division.

Venkataraman Palabindala, MD
Division Director, Hospital Medicine