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UMMC Clinical Education Program Terms and Conditions

I. Program responsibilities

As part of its Clinical Education Program for the School of Medicine, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (Hereinafter “School”) agrees to:

  1. Assume responsibility, in coordination with the Clinical Practice Site, for the assignment of M-3 students and the planning of the clinical observation experience at the Clinical Practice Site.
  2. Inform the students and faculty (if on-site) that they will be expected to comply with the policies and procedures of the Clinical Practice Site as well as those of the School.
  3. Ensure that the assigned students are certified in Basic Life Support Health Care Provider CPR.
  4. Ensure that students have received appropriate immunizations before being assigned to a Clinical Practice Site.
  5. Use reasonable efforts to see that students selected for participation in the experience are prepared for effective participation in the education phase of their program.
  6. The School certifies that it is in compliance with Mississippi Code Annotated §37-29-232, relating to criminal background checks and fingerprinting. The students must be in compliance with these requirements before clinical experience can be assigned.
  7. The School shall procure or cause the student to procure professional liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000/$3,000,000.

Clinical Practice Sites participating in the Clinical Education Program agrees to:

  1. Assign an MD/DO as Preceptor for the student(S) assigned to the Clinical Practice Site. The Preceptor will assume administrative, educational and supervisory responsibility for the medical student(s) while at the Clinical Practice Site.
  2. Provide and maintain an updated list of all Preceptors providing services under the Clinical Education Agreement at the Clinical Practice Site.
  3. Provide orientation to students assigned to the Clinical Practice Site for education experiences.
  4. Limit the medical duties of the medical student(s) to the practice of Family Medicine and to provide adequate supervision of the medical care and practice of the medical student(s) during the assignment. The medical student(s) shall spend his/her activity in patient care activities.
  5. Retain responsibility for patient care provided by the Clinical Practice Site.
  6. Ensure that the education goals and objectives of this experience as described in the Evaluation are met.
  7. Provide medical care to the student in the event it is needed and to encourage that proper follow-up is sought, if applicable. Any care received at the Clinical Practice Site, (emergency or otherwise) will be at the expense of the student.
  8. Communicate the Clinical Practice Site’s policies and procedures to the School, as appropriate.
  9. Maintain affiliate faculty appointment with the School for all Preceptors participating in the program.
  10. Accept the medical student evaluation form for clinical competency in Family Medicine. The Preceptor shall evaluate the medical student(s) using the established competency provided by the School.
  11. The Clinical Practice Site certifies that it has not been disqualified in any manner from any federally funded program, and is not debarred or limited in any manner from participation in the matter upon which this agreement is based.
  12.  Procure and maintain professional liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1 Million per occurrence/ $3 Million aggregate.
Jointly, the School and Clinical Practice Site agree to:
  1. Proceed with withdrawal of a student from an assignment if requested by either party. Such withdrawal shall be agreed upon by both parties on writing.
  2. Conduct a periodic review of the clinical education experience and program by personnel from the School and the Clinical Practice Site.
  3. Keep confidential from third parties all information which relates to or identifies patients, including but not limited to the name, address, medical treatment or condition, financial status, or any other personal information which is deemed to be confidential in accordance with applicable state and federal law and standards of professional ethics. The obligations set forth in this section shall survive the termination or expiration of the Clinical Education Agreement.

II. Compliance

As part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s overall compliance program, Clinical Practice Site shall establish procedures to ensure adherence to all appropriate Federal and State statutes, including but not limited to the Stark I (42 CFR Section 41) and Stark II (42 USC Section 1395) ban on self-referrals, the False Claims Act (31 USC Section 3729, 42 CFR Section 411), the Antikickback Statute (42 USC Section 1320), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability  Act (PL 104-101, 42 USC Section 201), the Balanced Budget Act (PL 105-33), Teaching Physician Rules (42 CFR Section 415) and Medicare Carriers Manual (Section 15016), and Medicare and Medicaid statues and regulations. Violation of any of the foregoing shall be considered cause for immediate termination of the Clinical Education Agreement.

III. Termination

  • In the event a medical student is not available for the assignment, the School agrees to notify the Clinical Practice Site.
  • In the event that a Preceptor’s affiliate faculty appointment expires of is otherwise terminated, the Clinical Education Agreement is subject to termination concurrent therewith.
  • In the event that either the School or the Clinical Practice Site wishes to discontinue participation in the program, written notice shall be given to the non-terminating party at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination date.
  • Notices shall be addressed to the parties at the address included in the Clinical Education Agreement letter signed by the parties.

IV. Indemnification

As the School is a state supported educational institution, any liability claims against the school and/or faculty will be handled under the Mississippi Tort Claims Act, M.C.A. Sections 11046, 1 et seq., subject to the Act’s limitations.

V. Complete agreement

The Clinical Education Agreement including these terms and conditions represents the complete        agreement and understanding between the School and the Clinical Practice Site with respect to the subject thereto. Any amendments or changes to the Clinical Education Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

VI. Governing law

The Clinical Education Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Mississippi.