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Family Medicine Preceptor Process

We are excited that you are interested in serving as a preceptor for UMC medical students.  We are always grateful for physicians who want to train medical students and increase exposure to the specialty of family medicine.

The Family Medicine Preceptorship is a required clerkship for junior medical students and an elective for senior medical students. Each year, preceptors receive a list of dates when students will be rotating with the department.  Using this list, you can sign up for convenient times you would prefer a student, or indicate times when you are unavailable to have a student work with you.  Ordinarily a preceptor is assigned one or more (if you are available and willing) junior student per academic year.  On occasion, we ask preceptors to take a senior or preclinical student.  All arrangements to take a particular student must come through our office and cannot always be honored if set up privately with the student or the student’s family. If a student or family member contacts you directly, we ask that you refer them to our office. For those physicians who participate in teaching activities, the AAFP will award 20 hours of CME credit annually. This may be claimed through the AAFP’s website. Additionally, preceptors receive access to the UMMC Rowland Medical library, 30% discount on registration to the Family Medicine Update and participation in the ABFM Preceptoring Performance Improvement Program.

The first step to joining our preceptor program is to complete our preceptor profile sheet and include a basic curriculum vitae. These documents can be submitted to our office by mail, email or fax. Once the documents are received, we will start the preceptor onboarding process. We will then contact you for further information.