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How does your program view signal preferencing and indications about demographic preferences in ERAS?

Applicants who meet our application requirements and send a signal preference receive priority scheduling for interviews. However, we do not use signal preferencing or geographical preferences in decisions related to ranking. We view these new features in ERAS as tools to help the applicants communicate what they would like in a program, and we truly want the best fit for all applicants.  We would like applicants to view our program to see if we can meet their learning needs and feel that they can contribute to our program and Mississippi.

What are the benefits in terms of salary and leave?

Our salary per PGY year and benefits can be found here and benefits offered within our department can be found here.

UMMC Family Medicine Residents serve food at local soup kitchenAre there opportunities for community service?

We support Jackson Free Clinic, which is a student run clinic for the uninsured population of Jackson and the surrounding area. Our residents and faculty serve as their attendings. This clinic is open on Saturdays only. For more information about the Jackson Free clinic, click here. In addition, our department participates in at least two community service projects yearly and our interns usually have an independent opportunity to engage with the community in a service project of their choice in December.

Where are your clinics located and how are residents assigned?

Our Lakeland Clinic is located across from UMMC main campus and our Flowood Clinic is located around 5 miles away near River Oaks Hospital. Residents can indicate a preference for a clinic and these preferences are considered when assigned. The majority of residents get their preferred clinic site.

Are there other learners in the clinic and hospital setting?

We serve as a required rotation for the UMMC School of Medicine. The 3rd year medical students rotate in our clinics and the 4th year medical students round with us in the inpatient setting as well. Other residents may also rotate in our clinic; for example, Preventative Medicine and Psychiatry residents rotate in our clinic.

Photo of UMMC Family Medicine Residents attending lectureHow is your didactic curriculum delivered?

Didactics are scheduled on Wednesday mornings from 8-noon. The curriculum consists of topics that are relevant to the practice of Family Medicine and are delivered in a variety of means including but not limited to lectures, self-study, and problem-based learning groups. During this time, we have opportunities to learn about patient safety, evidence-based medicine, In Training Exam and Board review questions, wellness, and more.

Why Mississippi?

Why not?  Mississippi is a great place to live and be a member of our family in Family Medicine. Our current state saying “In Mississippi, We Care” and WE DO! We’re the hospitality state, and we’re proud of it! At UMMC Family Medicine, we care about our patients, our staff, our faculty, and our residents. We truly feel when a resident joins us that he/she is now part of our family.