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Current Family Medicine Residents

Yeung-Lai-Wah, Michael J., MD

Yeung-Lai-Wah, Michael J., MD
Program: Family Medicine
Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
Undergrad School: University of British Columbia
Medical School: American University of Antigua
Biography Information
29 year old male with a past educational history of Computer Science, Biology and Medicine presents to UMMC for the first time for Family Medicine residency. Residency started in July 2017. He enjoys the residency 10/10 with 10 being the most enjoyable and 1 being no enjoyment. Learning experiences have been constant in nature. Fellow residents and fun staff make it better. Nothing makes it worse. Residency is associated with a great life outside of residency. Plan: Continue residency with expected completion in June 2020. Return to UMMC PRN afterwards.

Career Interest
Family Medicine

Field Interest
Family Medicine

League of Legends

What makes you unique?
I don't like to say no to a social gathering

What you like to do in free time?
Play League of Legends

What do you like about the program?
Everyone is very encouraging and the program seems to be very proactive in trying to improve the program every year in response to resident feedback or ideas that they have of their own.