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Student Clerkships

The Department of Anesthesiology offers several courses to M3 and M4 students interested in advancing their knowledge about the practice of anesthesiology and gaining exposure to perioperative medicine. Third-year medical students may elect to participate in a 2-week introduction to learn more about this specialty, while fourth-year medical students can participate in several 1-month courses.

For M4 students enrolled in a clerkship, the Department of Anesthesiology offers Graduate Procedural Anatomy and Simulation (GPAS), an organized small-group review series of human anatomy integrated with hands-on, simulation-based training in invasive medical procedures, pain management and management of medical emergencies. Learning activities include:

  • Pre-course assessment of airway management and CPR skills on computerized patient simulators;
  • Basic and difficult airway management, including review of airway anatomy and airway anesthesia and basic/advanced airway management skill training;
  • Vascular access skill training in peripheral venous and arterial access and central venous access;
  • Scenarios in Advanced Cardiac Life Support using computerized simulator-based training;
  • Spinal access, including review of the anatomy of the vertebral column, meninges, and spinal cord and skill training in lumbar puncture and measurement of opening pressure;
  • EKG review;
  • Post-course assessment of airway management, CPR, and ACLS skills in perioperative emergency context using computerized patient simulators.