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Anesthesia Research Laboratory

The existing anesthesia research laboratory is conveniently located in close proximity to teaching, patient care and the administrative area of the department. Faculty involved in research include the senior clinic investigator and the basic scientific researcher with a decade-long history of biomedical laboratory research. A number of faculty members and residents are engaged in research collaboration with basic science departments or other research groups.

Research has always been a core component of the activities with the Department of Anesthesiology. Many of our faculty participate in clinical research projects in their area of specialization. They usually work with residents at the CA-2 and CA-3 levels to initiate, complete, and present these studies. We diverse research interests ranging from basic investigation of anesthesia fundamental mechanisms to more clinical projects directed toward goals that will have an impact on patient care. These research programs are focused on pain management, neuromuscular pharmacology, obstetric analgesia and regional anesthesia. These are often done in collaboration with other departments in the medical school.

Our animal behavioral laboratory is able to provide several primary behavioral tests for pain assessment in pain research, which includes the tail flick test, hot plate test and electronic Von Frey test, to research groups interested in pain research statewide. We also offer teaching and training opportunities for faculty, residents, medical students, graduate students and staff who are interested in pain research.

The primary goals of this facility is to provide education and research support for the department and make available to investigators the physical space, assets and technical assistance necessary to conduct their research.