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Pediatric Anesthesia

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesia Services at UMMC is a division that is charged with providing comprehensive care for the pediatric patient and for providing academic and research services. We provide a wide range of pediatric anesthesia services for the complicated and uncomplicated patient requiring elective and emergency surgery, anesthesia or sedation required for imaging (MRI and CT scans) interventional radiology and cardiology as well as postoperative and chronic pain control.

Comprehensive evaluations are completed by members of the Anesthesia Assessment team prior to the day of surgery. Children without complicated procedures and/or quite healthy patients are evaluated the day of surgery by the anesthesiology team. Comprehensive consultations are performed for the pediatric patient in addition to those patients who develop post-anesthesia complications. Perioperative anesthesia care includes administration of anesthesia and appropriate post-anesthetic care.

Our pediatric anesthesiologists have all completed the standard four years of training to become anesthesiologists with an additional one to two years of fellowship training which focuses exclusively on children or equivalent experience.