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Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Plan of Study

The OTD degree requires the completion of a sequenced curriculum that is progressive in nature. Candidates for the occupational therapy degree must have completed the prescribed curriculum, encompassing 36 continuous months (3 years) of study, with an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better on a 4.00 scale on all work at UMMC. All required courses for each semester are prerequisites for required courses in subsequent semesters.

Due to variability of available clinical sites, completion of the clinical portion may be extended beyond the minimum of 36 months; however, students must complete Level II fieldwork and the capstone experience within 24 months following completion of the didactic portion of the program. A minimum of one fieldwork placement will be scheduled out‐of‐state. The capstone experience may be in or out of state.

All course descriptions can be found in the School of Health Related Professions section of the current UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.

*Note.  This curriculum is in effect for students entering Summer 2023 and later.  

First Year
SummerSemester Hours
OT 601Functional Human Anatomy5
OT 602Functional Human Anatomy Laboratory2
OT 605Introduction to Occupational Therapy Practice2
OT 608Group Process and Leadership2
Total hours11
OT 610Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy3
OT 612Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy4
OT 614Occupation Based Practice I3
OT 616Occupational Therapy: Pediatrics I3
OT 617Principles of Patient Care3
OT 618Research and Evidence-Based Practice I2
Total hours18
OT 620Occupation Based Practice II2
OT 622Medical Conditions: Physical Dysfunction4
OT 624Occupational Therapy: Pediatrics II3
OT 625Pediatric Fieldwork I2
OT 626Occupational Therapy: Adult/Older Adult3
OT 628Research and Evidence-Based Practice II2
OT 629Research Proposal I1
Total hours17
Second Year
SummerSemester hours
OT 630Management I: Legal and Ethical Principles3
OT 632Assistive Technology and Environmental Adaptation3
OT 634Community Health and Wellness3
OT 638Research and Evidence-Based Practice III2
OT 639Research Proposal II1
Total hours12
OT 640Occupational Therapy: Psychiatric/Psychosocial4
OT 642Neurological Principles in Occupational Therapy3
OT 644Orthopedic Principles in Occupational Therapy3
OT 645Physical Dysfunction Fieldwork I2
OT 649Research Project I1
OT 654Management II: Professional Leadership and Administration3
Total hours16
OT 646Case-Based Clinical Reasoning3
OT 650Orthoses and Physical Agent Modalities3
OT 652Specialty Interventions in Occupational Therapy3
OT 655Psychiatric/Psychosocial Fieldwork I3
OT 656Advanced Experiential Learning Seminar1
OT 658Research and Evidence-Based Practice IV1
OT 659Research Project II1
Total hours15
Third Year
SummerSemester hours
OT 660Fieldwork II A9
Total hours9
OT 670Fieldwork II B9
OT 671Doctoral Capstone Seminar3
Total hours12
OT 680Doctoral Capstone Experience11
OT 685Doctoral Capstone Project2
Total hours13
Total program hours123
OT 690Special Topics1-4
Total possible program hours127

Service learning and professional engagement hours are required each semester (excluding Level II Fieldwork and capstone experience semesters); these requirements are included in the course syllabus of a selected course at the beginning of each semester.