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Student Research Projects

OTD Class of 2021 Research Projects

Developing Community Partnerships for Service-Learning

Bridges, E., Bush, A., Griffin, M., Grymes, B., Houston, K., Pearson, K., Rial, B., Davis, R., and Tubbs, C. 

 An Investigation of the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center: Well-Being

Arinder, G., Brooks, C., Cochran, D., Kennamer, S., Miles, H., Smith, M., Sullivant, S., Giroux, P., and Parish, R.

 A Phenomenological Study to Explore the Doctoral Capstone Project among Recent Graduates of Accredited Occupational Therapy Programs 

 Morgan, C., Cole, K., Cassady, K., Chisholm, B., Clark, H., Grandonico, A., Hardin, B., and Osha, A. 

UMMC OT Student Satisfaction with Pediatric Level I Fieldwork

 Baugh, B., Brogle, K., Olinger, C., Richardson, M., Smith, S., Walton, N., Street, L., and Ladner, M.

 Burnout Among Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Kelly, M., Matthews, A., Mayer, J.P., Pham, H., Saunders, K., Thornton, T., Abraham, K., and Taylor, T.