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Student Capstone Projects

OTD Student Capstone Projects- Class of 2021

Development of a Sensory Day at a Children’s Museum
Garrison Arinder

Designing a Caregiver Communication Tool in the Context of Episodic Care for the Outpatient
Pediatric Setting
Beth Baugh

Volunteer Training: Development of a Preparatory Guide of Expectations and Skills for a Successful Volunteer Experience
Kaileigh Brogle

Life Skills Development and Role of Occupational Therapy for Adults with Special Needs
Canary Brooks
Implementation of a Cooking Skills Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Anna Bush

Quality Improvement through a Patient Satisfaction Survey Addressing Social Determinants of Health for a Clinic Located in an Academic Health Center
Kathryn Cassady
Hospital to Home: Improving the Overall Patient Experience by Integrating a Home and Community
Readiness Approach into the Therapy Treatment Process and Discharge Planning
Brittany Chisholm
Reaching for Best Practice Ergonomics: Development and Implementation of an Interactive Educational Program
Hannah Clark

Advancing Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice: The Development of a Sensory Environment and Behavioral Management Plan
D’Allegra Cochran
Creating an Interdisciplinary Screening Tool for Retained Primitive Reflexes in a Pediatric Setting
Alex Grandonico

Designing a Neurological Assessment and Intervention Guide for Students on Fieldwork
Madeleine Griffin

Completing an Assessment and Improvement Plan for Accreditation Compliance in a Rehabilitation Setting
Bren Grymes
Improving Veterans’ Health through Exercise and Adaptive Sports
Brittany Hardin

Facilitating an Online Store Featuring a Therapeutic Craft to Support Development at a Tuition-Free Center for Children with Special Needs
Elizabeth Hubbard

Providing Education on the Benefits of Physical Activity as it Relates to Participation in Daily Activities to Veterans Enrolled in the MOVE! Weight Management Program for Veterans
Karli Interial
Iron Kids: An Integrative Approach to Pediatric Weight Management
Michaela Kelly
Empowering the South Bronx Community through Occupational Therapy Services and Resource Application
Skyler Kennamer

Creating and Implementing an Empowerment Program for People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners
Allison Matthews

Developing a Program to Train Educators on Red Flags and Remediation for Promoting Normal
Development in Elementary Children
Jane Perrin Mayer

Implementing Supplemental Education on Seating and Positioning in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting
Hannah Miles

Implementing a Service-Learning Module into an Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Keely Mitchell

The Development of a Fieldwork Educational Manual for an Outpatient Clinic
Corey Olinger
Occupational Therapy & Upper Extremity Prosthetics: Grasping for Success
Abbey Osha
Advocating for Occupational Therapy Services in the South Bronx, NY
Huong Pham
Improving the Health of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities through MedFest and Inclusive
Health Training
Bryson Rial
The Impact of Breastfeeding Education among Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers
Maria Richardson

Toward Defining Predictors of Upper Extremity Recovery Suitable for Inpatient Stroke Population at Methodist Rehabilitation Center
Kaylee Saunders

Providing Occupational Therapy Intervention to a Visually Impaired Patient through Training and Resource Development: A Case Study
Sidnye Smith

The Importance of Proper Wheelchair Fit and Patient Satisfaction in a Skilled Nursing Facility
Mallory Smith
Developing a Grant for Implementation of a Sensory Station and Trolley to Promote Learning Outcomes by Utilization of Active Learning Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistant Students
Sydney Claire Sullivant

Productivity Standards in Level I Trauma Centers: Transitioning from Minutes to Units
Travis Thornton
1, 2, 3 … Transition with Me: A Guide for Successful Transition Planning for Children with Special Needs
Naja Walton