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Capstone Resources

 UMMC OTD program capstone projects can be found here.  Additionally, other OTD programs across the country have published capstone project examples on their websites. Visiting these websites to review the scope, content, and outcomes of capstone projects may prove useful to capstone mentors and students. 

Several of these websites which feature doctoral capstone projects in occupational therapy are provided below: 

Capstone Textbook:

This text offers a step-by-step guide for developing planning, implementing and disseminating the entry-level occupational therapy doctoral capstone experience and project.

 DeIuliis, E. & Bednarski, J. (2020).  The entry level occupational therapy doctorate capstone: A framework for the experience and project. Thorofare, NJ: Slack Inc.

Article for Capstone Mentors

Whitney, R. V., & McCormack, G. (2020). Capstones: Voices from the Occupational Therapy Profession. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 8(3), 1-6.