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Nuclear Medicine Technology Degree Program Effectiveness

The UMMC School of Health Related Professions’ Nuclear Medicine Technology program has successful graduation rates, first-time examinee pass rates on national certification examinations, and job placement rates. The following tables identify data from the most recent three years for these outcomes among SHRP NMT program graduates.

Graduation Rates - Defined as the number of students formally enrolled in the nuclear medicine technology program who graduated from the program during the designated time period after completing all programmatic and graduation requirements, calculated as a percentage of the total number of students initially enrolled in the class. 

Year Graduated202220212020
Number admitted657
Number of graduates657
Program graduation rates100%100%100%
3-year average program graduation rate: 100% (18 out of 18)

Certification Examination Success - Success is defined as the pass rate for all first-time examinees who graduated during the designated time frame. Pass rate is the number of first-time examinees on both exams who graduated during the designated period that pass the exam calculated as the percentage of the total number of first-time examinees on both exams who graduated during the designated period that took the exam.  

ARRT National NMT Certification Examination202220212020
1st time examinees taking the ARRT (N) exam 657
1st time examinees passing the ARRT (N) exam 657
Percentage passing on first attempt 100%100%100%
3-year average first-attempt pass rate on the ARRT(N) exam:  100% (18 out of 18)

Job Placement Rates - Job placement indicates employment status 12 months post-graduation of graduates actively seeking employment. The percentage on the data table is the percentage of graduates who are working as a nuclear medicine technologist in a full-time, part-time or per-diem position within 12 months following graduation. 

Year Graduated202220212020
Number of graduates actively seeking employment657
Number employed within 12 months657
Percentage employed within 12 months100%100%100%
3-year average employment rate within 12 months following graduation: 100% (18 out of 18)