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Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology Course Descriptions and Curriculum

Course descriptions

All course descriptions can be found in the School of Health Related Professions section of the current UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.


Semester I (summer)Semester hours
NMT 601Nuclear Medicine Foundations3
NMT 606Nuclear Physics & Radiobiology2
NMT 650Clinical Practicum I3
RAD 690Research in Imaging Sciences I2
Total semester hours10
Semester II (fall)Semester hours
NMT 610Nuclear Medicine Technology Principles3
NMT 612Applied Nuclear Medicine Imaging I3
NMT 651Clinical Practicum II4
RAD 699Research in Imaging Sciences II3
Total semester hours13
Semester III (spring)Semester hours
NMT 624Applied Nuclear Medicine Imaging II4
NMT 652Clinical Practicum III4
NMT 660Nuclear Medicine Seminar3
RAD 670Leadership, Education & Management in Imaging Professions2
Total semester hours13
Total program hours36