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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Course Descriptions and Curriculum

Course descriptions

All course descriptions can be found in the School of Health Related Professions section of the current UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.


FallSemester Hours
MLS 311Basic and Clinical Immunology3
MLS 313Clinical Bacteriology3
MLS 314Essentials of Clinical Chemistry3
MLS 315Phlebotomy2
MLS 327Laboratory Operations2
Total hours13
MLS 312Essentials of Hematology3
MLS 324Clinical Chemistry3
MLS 325Immunohematology3
MLS 332Diagnostic Hemostasis1
MLS 340General Pathology2
Total hours12
SummerSemester Hours
MLS 322Clinical Hematology3
MLS 323Mycology, Parasitology, and Virology3
MLS 405Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics3
MLS 416Research Design and Statistics3
Total hours12
MLS 310Body Fluid Analysis3
MLS 326Clinical Simulation3
MLS 413Diagnostic Microbiology3
MLS 335Immunohematology II3
MLS 417Principles of Management and Education in CLS1
MLS 429Clinical Correlations2
Total hours15
MLS 422Hematology Practicum3
MLS 423Clinical Microbiology Practicum3
MLS 424Clinical Chemistry Practicum3
MLS 425Immunohematology Practicum3
Total hours12
Total program hours64