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Bachelor of Health Informatics and Information Management Course Descriptions and Curriculum - Traditional

Course descriptions

All course descriptions can be found in the School of Health Related Professions section of the current UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.


CourseSemester Hours
HI 301 Health Information Management Across Health Care Settings3
HI 302 Medical Language & Pathophysiology 3
HI 303 Legal Foundations in HIIM3
HI 312 Data Analytics & Visualization3
HI 313 Health Care Database Design & Administration3
HI 326 Human Resources Management3
HI 335 Coding & Classification Systems4
HI 337 Health Care Statistics3
HI 338 Introduction to Research 3
HI 340 Health Information Privacy, Security & Governance3
HI 341 Health Care Standards, Terminologies & Data Sets3
HI 345 Electronic Health Records & Informatics3
HI 415 Principles of Health Care Management 3
Hi 419 Introduction to Biostatistics3
HI 424 Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Management3
HI 428 Quality Management & Performance Improvement Strategies 3
HI 431 Health Care Systems Design & Project Management4
HI 433 Clinical Documentation Improvement4
HI 434 Professional Practice Experience (Traditional)3
Total required hours60