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2017 Seminars

 1/12/2017Dr. Nikki Bush       University of Alabama"Ethnic Disparities in Obesity and Metabolic Risk" 
 1/26/2017Dr. Frank GreenwayPennington Biomedical Research Center"Translational Treatment for Obesity with Repurposed Drugs and Foods " 
 2/1/2017Dr. Brent WagnerUniversity of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio "The Pathophysiology of Gadolinium-Associated Systemic Fibrosis"

Dr. Paul Whelton
(Heart Month Seminar Series) 

Tulane University"Clinical Trials, Practice Guidelines, Policy and Performance Indicators" 
 3/1/2017Dr. Greg Morton University of Washington "Role of the Brain in Glycemic Control" 
 3/15/12017 Dr. Dale Abel      University of Iowa Metabolic Signaling and the Regulation of Myocardial Autophagy 
 3/22/2017 Dr. Gerald ShulmanHoward Hughes Medical Institute"The New Biology of Type 2 Diabetes"
 3/29/2017 Dr. Mark SussmanSan Diego State University"Cardiac C-Kit Biology: Revealed to be Relevant"
4/13/2017Dr. Donna RyanPennington Biomedical Research CenterNew Ways of Thinking: How We View Our Patients Struggling with Obesity
 5/17/2017Dr. Haiming CaoNational Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Regulation of Metabolic Homeostasis by Long Non-Coding RNAs
Dr. Nia Mitchell Duke University School of Medicine Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS): An Option to Treat Obesity in the Underserved 
 6/15/2017Dr. Corby Martin  Pennington Biomedical Research CenterQuantitative Studies of Energy Balance: Implications for Dietary Interventions 
 6/30/2017 Dr. Philip Schauer Lemer College of MedicineMetabolic Surgery: A Cure for Diabetes and Obesity?
08/24/2017Dr. Celso Gomez-SanchezUniversity of Mississippi Medical CenterOf Mice and Man: The Regulation of Aldosterone Biosynthesis in Primary Aldosteronism
08/31/2017Dr. Steven HeymsfieldPennington Biomedical Research CenterObesity: Why is Weight Loss So Difficult to Maintain?
09/21/2017Dr. Nia MitchellDuke University School of MedicineTake Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS): An Option to Treat Obesity in the Underserved 
10/05/2017Dr. Sundeep KhoslaMayo Clinic Center for Clinical & Translational ScienceSex Steroids, Coupling and Age-Related Bone Loss
10/26/2017Dr. James SowersUniversity of Missouri School of MedicineRole of Cell Specific Mineralocorticoid Receptor activation in Cardiovascular Stiffness and Impaired Relaxation
11/02/2017Dr. James MeigsHarvard Medical SchoolHealth Implications of Type 2 Diabetes Genetics
 11/09/2017 Dr. Chris Newgard Duke University School of Medicine Metabolomics reveals new cardiometabolic disease mechanisms and intervention strategies
12/14/2017Dr. Goutham RaoCase Western Reserve University

Management of Childhood Obesity and Cardiovascular Risks in Primary Care Settings