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Commencement Location

Commencement is held at the Mississippi Coliseum, 1207 Mississippi Street, Jackson, MS 39202. Phone: (601) 961-4000.

Free parking is available on all sides of the building, with handicapped parking in the front of the building at the Mississippi Street entrance. There are two elevators – one just inside the front door to the right and another further down the hall, also to the right. Marked seating for handicapped persons and one visitor is very limited. Please encourage your friends or family members who are unable to climb stairs or who use a wheelchair to come early. The coliseum does not provide wheelchairs.

The coliseum is currently involved in a large construction project that affects the east side. Parking is limited in that area. Transportation from parking areas to the front door will be available. A sign language interpreter and reserved seating for hearing impaired will be available.

Absolutely no balloons or party items are allowed inside the coliseum.