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Information for Graduates, Family, and Friends

Prepare for Commencement

All students must apply for graduation through the student portal in Workday. Contact the Office of Enrollment Management for more information, or call (601) 984-1080.


Graduate products are available for purchase through the UMMC Bookstore. Click here for to contact the UMMC Bookstore.


Commencement is held at the Mississippi Coliseum, 1207 Mississippi Street, Jackson, MS 39202. Phone: (601) 961-4000.

The Coliseum does not allow balloons or party items inside the Coliseum. Marked seating for people with disabilities and one visitor is extremely limited. Please encourage your friends or family members who are unable to climb stairs or who use a wheelchair to come early. The Coliseum does not provide wheelchairs.

Graduation guests will be seated in the permanent seating which surrounds the arena floor. All guests should be in their seats by 9:50 a.m. Only degree candidates and faculty are seated on the arena floor. Elevators are located to the right when you enter through the main doors on the north side, Mississippi Street entrance – one just inside the front door and one a little further down the hall.

An American Sign Language interpreter and reserved seating for the hearing impaired will be available.

Directions to Coliseum


Several lodging venues are available in close proximity to the Mississippi Coliseum.


Diplomas are finalized with each student’s official name as recorded in Workday. This is also the name that will be announced at Commencement. Diplomas will be mailed to each graduating student in early June 2024. 


Regalia information is captured when students apply for graduation in Workday. Students may contact the Office of Enrollment Management with questions about the graduation application. Regalia should be picked up in the Norman C. Nelson Student Union gymnasium on Friday, May 17, 2024, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you cannot pick up your regalia, please have someone pick it up. Regalia should be returned to the Bookstore personnel in the Trade Mart immediately following the ceremony.

Added decorations to robes or mortarboards are prohibited unless allowed, as outlined in Miss. Code § 11-61-3.

Only honors cords, medals, or stoles denoting honors or memberships received while a student at UMMC may be worn at Commencement. Honor cords, medals, and stoles denoting honors, awards, or memberships received outside UMMC are prohibited. Contact your school for more information on honors.


Graduating students must be lined up in regalia by 9:30 a.m. in the Trade Mart in the areas designated for each school. Before lining up, leave any personal items (suit coats, purses, cell phones or other electronic devices, etc.) with a family member or friend. There is no place to store personal items at the Coliseum.

The Commencement ceremony begins promptly at 10 a.m. and should end shortly after 12 p.m.

Candidate appearance

All candidates must wear appropriate apparel under the academic dress (dark dresses or slacks and dark shoes, no sandals, no jeans, no shorts, no tennis shoes).

Mortarboards sit straight on the head, not at an angle. Wear the tam horizontally so that it is parallel to the ground and sits about an inch above the ears. The tassel should hang over the left front of the mortarboard or tam at all times.

Candidate Line-up and Procession

Candidates should enter the Trade Mart through the Mississippi Street (main) entrance on the north side of the Coliseum. Graduates must assemble by 9:30 a.m. in the Trade Mart, in the area designated for their school. MD-PhD graduates will line up with the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. 

Candidate procession is in the following order:

  • School of Nursing candidates   
  • School of Health Related Professions candidates
  • School of Dentistry candidates 
  • School of Medicine candidates
  • School of Population Health candidates
  • School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences candidates
  • MD/PhD candidates


A commercial photographer will be taking photos of each graduate as they receive their diploma and/or hood. A free color proof will be mailed approximately two weeks after graduation to the graduate's address on file. This address can be updated by the student in Workday. You may order photographs from the proof at that time. If you do not wish to order, the proof is yours to keep.

Additionally, from 7-9 a.m. only, the photographer will be set up on the second floor concourse from the north entrance, to take studio prints of graduates (which can include family or friends). No reservations will be accepted. This is first come, first served only. All photos will end promptly at 9 a.m.

News releases

The Office of Enrollment Management provides to the Office of Communications and Marketing an electronic spreadsheet listing all graduates, their degrees conferred and their cities of residence. The Office of Communications and Marketing disseminates that spreadsheet, and a link to photographs of students who chose to have them taken prior to Commencement, to media via a news release on Commencement day. Graduates or their families wanting announcements in their local media outlet should contact the chosen news organization directly.

Office of Development – Alumni Engagement

Your Alumni Engagement team is here to help keep our vibrant alumni community connected to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and to each other. We accomplish this by strengthening communications between our alumni and UMMC, celebrating and building traditions, fostering student and alumni leadership, and creating opportunities for investment in UMMC’s future. Please take a minute to update your contact information today so we can keep in touch with you.