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Information for Faculty

Faculty preparations

All full-time faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in Commencement unless excused by their school dean or department chair in the School of Medicine. Information regarding the expectation for faculty participation in Commencement can be found in the Faculty Employment Policies section of the UMMC Faculty and Staff Handbook, page 16. 


Orders for renting regalia are processed through an online form emailed to all faculty in February. Rental orders must be completed using this website by April 22, 2024. All three pieces - cap or tam, gown, and hood - are required.

Rented regalia should be picked up in the Norman C. Nelson Student Union on Friday, May 17, 2024, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you cannot pick up your regalia, please have someone pick it up for you.

Mortarboards sit straight on the head, not at an angle. Wear the tam horizontally so that it is parallel to the ground and sits about an inch above the ears. The tassel should hang over the left front of the mortarboard or tam at all times.

Rented regalia should be returned to the Bookstore personnel in the Trade Mart immediately following the ceremony.


Commencement is held at the Mississippi Coliseum, 1207 Mississippi Street, Jackson, MS 39202. Phone: (601) 961-4000.

Directions to Coliseum

Faculty robing and line-up area

Faculty should enter the Coliseum using the Midway (south) entrance and take a left to the robing and line up area at the west end corner. Faculty will enter the arena in a single file with Guyton Professors first, followed by Nelson Order faculty and all remaining faculty, regardless of rank.

The platform party, including members of the Board of Trustees, and all hooders will robe and line up in the Trade Mart in a marked designated area. Anyone seated on the platform MUST come to practice at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 23.

Processional Map