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U Med Cred - Digital Credentials at UMMC

UMMC U Med Cred LogoUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) faculty, staff, students, and affiliated personnel develop skills that may not be documented and/or visible to others but merit recognition. A digital credential is an information-rich visual exemplification of a verifiable achievement linked to a secure electronic, shareable file that contains metadata explaining the context, meaning, processes, and outcomes of learning engagements.

With U Med Cred digital credentialing, UMMC has identified an innovative way to ensure such skills are acknowledged, verified, and recorded, consistent with the UMMC Digital Credentialing policy. When aligned with measurable learning objectives, U Med Cred digital credentials help form a common currency for skills, career development, and workforce advancement in an expanding global workplace. U Med Cred digital credential platform is available through Credly

U Med Cred digital credential categories:

  • Clinical skills
  • Professional development (for faculty and staff)
  • Simulation
  • Student professional development 

If you have questions, contact the Office of eCampus or visit the U Med Cred intranet site.