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QM Certifications

Congratulations on committing to quality assurance in online learning!

UMMC Courses with QM Certifications

Course Number

Course Name

Course Representative

Certification Date

School of Health Related Professions

BHSA 303

Writing for Healthcare Professionals

Robin Thompson

May 19, 2019

DHA 712

Strategic Change Management

Taylor Sisson

July 8, 2022

DHA 748

Communications in Health Organizations

Elizabeth Franklin

June 15, 2020

HI 428

Quality Management and Performance Improvement Strategies

Shelia Bullock

April 23, 2020

RAD 400

Legal and Ethical Issues in Imaging Sciences

Mike Ketchum

June 29, 2016

Recertified: September 20, 2021

RAD 414

Advanced Clinical Practice Skills

Chelsea Stephens

March 30, 2016

Recertified: April 12, 2021

RAD 438

Radiographic Image Analysis

Seena Edgerton

October 12, 2017

Recertified: February 2, 2023

RAD 451

Management Issues in Diagnostic Health Care

Kristi Moore

September 8, 2018

Recertified: October 26, 2023

RAD 484

Radiologic Sciences Directed Study

Asher Street

October 30, 2018

Recertified: January 2, 2024

School of Nursing

DNP 700

Clinical Applied Epidemiology

Robin Christian

June 29, 2021

DNP 707

Health Care Finance

Michelle Palokas

December 31, 2019

DNP 740

Project Management

Michelle Palokas

October 31, 2017

Recertified: May 13, 2023

N 432

Introduction to Professional Writing

Amanda Criswell

June 5, 2020

N 526

Portal to Advanced Health Assessment

Tina Ferrell

February 7, 2021

N 613

Foundations of Nurse Educator Role and Teaching Methods

Kim Douglas

November 19, 2021

UMMC Faculty with QM Certifications

Higher Education

Certified Online APPQMR Facilitator

Robin Thompson

Course Review Manager

Robin Thompson

Master Reviewer

Robin Thompson

Peer Reviewer

Anitra Blake
Carley Dear
Kendria Lyles
Tawanda McNair
Courtney Smith
Robin Thompson
Katherine Vance

QM Coordinator

Anitra Blake
Robin Thompson

K12 & K12 Publisher
Master ReviewerRobin Thompson
Peer ReviewerRobin Thompson
Katherine Vance

QM Professional Development Engagement

QM professional development opportunities are offered regularly. Offerings with registration fees require preauthorization from UMMC's QM Coordinators Anitra Blake and Robin Thompson.

Applying the QM Rubric

Brea Cole
Amanda Criswell
Driscoll DeVaul
Kim Douglas
Sherri Franklin
Judy Gordy
Bettye Hennington
Carl Mangum
Kelly Spell
Linda Upchurch
Lori Ward
Jeanna Wilkes

The ABCs of Online Learning ResearchBettye Hennington
Maryam Syed
Designing Your Online CourseBritney Reulet