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Student Success Series (S3)

The Office for Student Success sponsors the Student Success Series (S3), an initiative for providing student success programs and events addressing academic achievement, professionalism, and career preparation to promote excellence for students in the health science professions.

Students may register at the link below. For questions, contact Office for Student Success.

Delivery Mode

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  • Hosted for 20 or more participants
  • Guest speakers and consultants
  • Presentations on academics, professionalism, and career preparation are tailored to the student experience and interests.

Group Consultations

  • Hosted for small groups of up to 5 participants
  • Office for Student Success consultants
  • Group meetings to discuss targeted skills for excellence in the academic and professional arenas.


  • APA Formatting - Learn more about the APA 7th Edition writing style and how to apply it to professional writing.
  • Are You a Strategic Learner? - Bring your computer and take a pretest to learn more about individual learning strategies.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Resume Development - Bring your computer and a draft of a CV or resume to obtain style tips and feedback.
  • Mock Group Interview - Dress in professional attire to participate in mock group interviewing and receive helpful feedback and suggestions.
  • Scientific Writing - Learn how to facilitate the writing process and better communicate facts, figures, and methods.
  • Study Skills - Identify study behaviors that are valuable for professional school.
  • Time Management - Discuss strategies for effectively managing time during professional school.
  • Writing Personal Statements - Bring your computer and a personal statement draft to receive writing recommendations.

Seminar guest speakers may present on topics not listed. Be sure to review seminar details while reserving a spot for an event.

How to Register for an S3 Event

Students may register for an S3 event by visiting the S3 Canvas course.

Register for an S3 event

For more information, contact the Office for Student Success.