Academic Accommodations

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Documentation Guidelines

  • Disability documentation must be submitted in the form of the official UMMC Request for Academic Accommodations, which includes a written evaluation from a physician, psychologist or other qualified specialist.
  • The evaluation from a physician, psychologist or other qualified specialist must have occurred within the past three years.
  • The type of evaluation will vary according to the disability.
  • The evaluation from a qualified/licensed health care provider must establish the nature and extent of the disability and include both the basis for the diagnosis and the dates of testing. Further, the evaluation must establish the current need for an accommodation and include suggestions for offsetting the effects of the disability.
  • The evaluation cannot be completed by Student/Employee Health at UMMC. However, Student/Employee Health may provide referrals to appropriate health care providers upon request.
  • The evaluation cannot be completed by a health care provider who is a relative of the student.
  • For evaluations of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disorder, or other neurodevelopmental or neurocognitive disorder, a psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment completed by a licensed provider qualified to perform this type of assessment and diagnosis must also be submitted.
  • The psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment must have occurred after the student was age 18 and include, but is not limited to, a description of presenting symptoms; developmental history; relevant academic history; relevant psychosocial history; relevant medical history; comprehensive battery of objective tests beyond self-report; interpretation of test results; discussion of differential diagnosis; and documentation of specific diagnosis. (Note: self-report surveys can supplement the diagnostic profile but are not considered adequate in themselves for diagnoses.)
  • The Request for Academic Accommodations may be returned with signatures by email, by mail, by fax, or in person.
  • Requests for Academic Accommodations will only be reviewed by the Accommodations Review Committee if legible and complete.
  • Students are encouraged to request academic accommodations as soon as possible so the committee review can occur in a timely manner that is most beneficial to the student.