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2023 Student Counseling and Wellness Center Student Policies


SCWC appointments are available to all UMMC students from any degree program, free of charge. If attending in-person, students are advised to arrive at the SCWC 30 minutes before their first appointment to complete all necessary forms. After the paperwork has been completed, the student will wait for their provider to come retrieve them for their appointment. Appointments happen inside individual provider offices.  

Students may elect to meet either in person or via telehealth for both therapy and medication management appointments. Telehealth appointments are conducted via WebEx. For all telehealth appointments, students are required to be in a confidential space located within the state of Mississippi. Students may request a telehealth appointment on their preliminary appointment forms that are completed prior to the first appointment. A student may opt to switch between in-person and telehealth visits.  

Students will be sent a reminder prior to their scheduled appointments. This reminder will include the option to cancel the scheduled appointment. If a student opts to cancel their appointment, they will be sent an email that includes instructions for rescheduling. The SCWC requests that all appointment cancellations and rescheduling occur at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  

Appointment Forms  

In order for students to obtain a new patient appointment, they must fill out initial appointment forms via our Titanium web form. The first form is “Visit Information Form” This form specifies patient demographics, contact information, and mental health service preferences. After completing this form, the student will need to complete the Consent For Treatment Form. Both forms must be completed prior to the student’s first appointment. 

In order to obtain a medication refill from the SCWC, patients must request one by emailing or calling the SCWC office. After doing so they will receive a REDCap link via email where they will fill out a Medication Refill Request form.  

Refill requests will be processed by our provider within one week. Students can anticipate refills on Wednesdays and Thursdays when the medication prescriber is available. It is recommended that refill requests are submitted in advance to account for this processing time.   

No Show and Cancellation Policy 

Our no show policy states that if the student is not present 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment they are considered a no show.  

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will also be considered a no show. After a 2nd no show or late cancellation (under 24-hour notice), students will be sent a warning about appointment compliance. After a 3rd no show or late cancellation, students will be restricted to scheduling a follow-up appointment no sooner than 30 days after their last scheduled appointment.  

We will attempt to contact established patients who do not show up for their appointment in order to reschedule. After one week, no further attempts will be made to reschedule the appointment, and the student will not be considered an “active” patient, indicating that they may be placed on waitlist for services if no appointments are available when attempting to reestablish care.    

Rare exceptions to our attendance policy may be granted based on counselor discretion.