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The cost of higher education consists of three components:

  1. Tuition and Fees
  2. Related costs
  3. Living expenses (included in the Financial Aid Estimated Cost of Attendance)

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition and mandatory fees are based on your registration for a given academic period.
  • Non-resident fees are charged to students who are classified as non-residents of Mississippi by the Office of Enrollment. Non-resident waivers may be granted based on criteria determined by each school.
  • $150 Distance learning fee is assessed for designated distance learning programs.
  • Health insurance charges are optional charges that post to a student's account based on elections. Students in most academic programs are required to have health insurance. Students who do not obtain health insurance through UMMC are required to provide proof of other insurance. View additional information about the UMMC insurance requirement.
  • Bookstore charges are optional charges that post to a student's account based on a student's bookstore purchase. Students are allowed to post charges to their account through the first day of class; charges must be paid directly to the bookstore after that date.
  • Late payment fees, service charges, and NSF fees may be charged to your account if you do not pay your account or complete your financial aid processes by the payment due date or if you make a payment that is returned by the bank for any reason.
  • Other charges may be applied to individual student accounts based on specific circumstances applicable to that student.
  • At this time the university does not impose any additional charges specifically related to verification of student identity. Students enrolled in distance learning programs in which proctored exams are required may incur charges levied by the proctoring site they choose.

Related Cost

  • Some academic programs require specific books, equipment, subscriptions, electronics, uniforms, lab coats, board exams, or other items that add to the cost of attendance but are not charged to your tuition account.
  • Related cost estimates are linked to each school's tuition & fee tables
  • Computers & webcams are estimated at $2300 for all schools. This cost is included in the related cost of educational supplies estimate.

View tuition & fees and related costs for each school:

Living Expenses

Living expenses, such as housing/food, transportation, insurance, and other related expenses, are included in the Financial Aid Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA). The tuition, mandatory fees, and other costs referenced above are also included in the Financial Aid Estimated COA.

The Financial Aid Estimated COA is calculated to determine how much a student may receive in financial aid (e.g., loans, scholarships, grants, or third-party sponsorships).

The Financial Aid Estimated COA is used solely for the purpose of determining financial aid eligibility and is not a reflection of a student's bill.

View the Financial Aid Estimated Cost of Attendance tables for more information.