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The cost of higher education consists of three components:   

  • Tuition and Fees, charged directly to the student by the University 
  • Related costs such as books and supplies purchased by the student 
  • Living expenses, in the event these need to be funded through financial aid, are added in with tuition, fees and related costs and presented as an estimate in the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance


In general, tuition and fees fall into the following categories: 

  • Tuition and required fees, which are charged to your tuition account based on your registration for a given term.
  • $150 per semester distance learning fee assessed with tuition for programs designated distance education.
  • A non-resident fee in addition to tuition, for students who are not residents of Mississippi, unless they are enrolled in a program designated distance learning.  Non-resident waivers may be granted based on criteria determined by each school.
  • Optional charges that may be assessed to your account are health insurance premiums and bookstore charges depending on choices you make on where to purchase insurance and books. 
  • Late payment fees, service charges, and NSF fees may be charged to your account if you do not pay your account or complete your financial aid processes by the payment due date, or if you make a payment that is returned by the bank for any reason. 
  • Other charges may be applied to individual student accounts based on specific circumstances applicable to that student.
  • At this time the university does not impose any additional charges specifically related to verification of student identity. Students enrolled in distance education classes in which proctored exams are required may incur charges levied by the proctoring site they choose.


Some academic programs require specific books, equipment, subscriptions, electronics, uniforms, lab coats, board exams or other items that add to the cost of attendance but are not charged to your tuition account.   Estimates for these costs are shown beside the tuition tables for each school.

PLEASE NOTE: Most UMMC academic programs require the student to carry medical insurance during their entire enrollment.  The cost of medical insurance is factored in to the financial aid cost of attendance, however all students, regardless of their intentions regarding financial aid, should be sure to factor in the cost of medical insurance when deciding how to fund their education.  Information about the insurance requirement is available HERE.

Click on the links below to view tuitionfees and related costs for each school:


For the purpose of calculating how much a student in a particular program can receive in a financial aid award consisting of loans, scholarships, grants or third party sponsorships, the tuition, required fees, and other costs referenced above are included along with estimates of health insurance, housing, transportation and related expenses that a student may need to finance during their education if they are responsible for providing their own living accommodations. To view the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance please click HERE.