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Associated Student Body

The UMMC Associated Student Body (ASB) is a collection of elected and appointed representatives from the various schools on our campus. Our goal is to promote learning, professionalism, and interprofessional relationships. The ASB promotes development of the whole person, by supporting social events, community service activities, leadership opportunities, intramural sports, and other programs designed to foster the development of well-balanced individuals. We also provide a platform for students to voice concerns and suggestions to be shared with the administration. Likewise, we are one of the primary conduits for communicating administrative decisions back to the students. We are here to serve our student constituents while we strive to make learning and professional growth at UMMC more enjoyable.

As a collective student body, we shoulder a weighty burden - the future of healthcare resides with us. We are the future caregivers, educators, researchers and leaders who have embarked on a life of service to others through the medical arts. Our noble cause is to develop and use our skills to improve the health and wellness of Mississippi and beyond. In order to achieve the best outcomes, we must continue to recognize and work towards creating an even more rich and diverse Medical Center community. The ASB proudly celebrates the rich heritage of UMMC and looks forwarding to continuing the tradition of building the best pathways and strongest bridges to tomorrow.

Find ways to get involved at UMMC while you find your own balance between schoolwork and leisure. The ASB will help you begin the process of building interprofessional relationships not only with other UMMC students, but students from other schools. This can help us build interprofessional relationships that will improve the quality of healthcare delivery and research in the future.

thomas_williamPlease feel free to peruse this site to learn what's going on at UMMC. In addition to our website, be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram where you can receive frequent updates on all things related to UMMC students.

Please e-mail me with questions about anything at If you have suggestions on how the ASB can improve the way we do things, you can submit them here.

William Wesley Thomas

Associated Student Body President
BSN Candidate
Class of 2018

2017-18 officers

  • President - William Thomas
  • Vice president - Grant G. Robinson
  • Secretary - Salma Dawoud
  • Treasurer - Ann. M. Mercier

2016-17 appointed ASB officers

  • Alumni affairs - Blake Johns, Maribeth Hillhouse
  • Email liaison - Mary Reynolds
  • Interprofessional chair - Hannah Miller, Michelle Wheeler
  • Intramurals chair - Bret Surles
  • Medic editor - Jade Cobern
  • Mentoring chair - Emily Nonnemacher
  • Murmur editor - Taylor Coleman
  • Wellness committee chairs - Physical: Elena Dent; Mental: Sarah Brannan
  • Quality improvement chair - Alia Abbas
  • Chief of staff - Logan Ramsey

Diversity co-chairs

  • William Lindsey
  • Yassmin Hegazy
  • Kandice Bailey
  • Zach Long

Philanthropy co-chairs

  • Emily Theriot
  • Edgar Meyer

PR chair

  • Patrick Wood

School cup chair

  • Katherine Baggett