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Academic Tools and Resources

The Office of Academic Support identified the following external resources for additional information regarding study strategies and academic effectiveness.

Online Resources for Study Skills

Utah State Academic Resources

Samford University How to Study Video Series

Cornell University The Learning Strategies Center

UCF Learning Skills Resources

Berkeley Student Learning Center

Kahn Academy

Stanford Medicine Learning Strategies

First Aid

Online Resources for Writing Skills

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Online Resources for Referencing

University of Washington Citation Styles and Tools

Google Scholar

Online Resources for Interview Skills

Vanderbilt Career Center: Interviewing


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Study Smart

The Nine Secrets of Learning

A Powerful Way to Improve Learning and Memory

Banish Your Bad Study Habits

6 Research-Tested Ways to Study Better

7 Ways to Learn More Effectively

Study Better: Tough Studying Makes Easy Tests

10 Failsafe Test-Taking Tips

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Academic Support.