Program Phases

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Residency Training Phase

The residency training period is three years for family medicine, pediatrics and general internal medicine. Obstetrics/gynecology and combined medicine-pediatrics training is four years.

The MRPSP Scholar must enter a clinic-based practice (no hospitalists) in an approved rural or medically underserved Mississippi community of 20,000 or fewer residents located more than 20 miles from a medically served area within 90 days of the completion of residency training in one of these five specialties. Documentation of the practice site must be submitted to the MRPSP Board of Directors two months prior to the completion of residency training for approval.

An increased sensitivity to the importance of completing residency training within the state is supported by current research indicating a majority of physicians establish their practice within 100 miles of where they trained. We are "growing our own" primary care physicians.