Undergraduate Program Phase

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Undergraduate Program Phase

College sophomores who are interested in practicing general or pediatric dentistry in a rural area can apply to take part in the two-year pre-matriculation (undergraduate) phase of the MRDSP. Students in this program are given academic enrichment as well as well as DAT preparation materials to assist them in their quest to becoming practicing dentists.

College juniors can apply for the one-year program that will also provide academic enrichment for students selected.


  • DAT preparation
  • Rural practicing dentist mentoring
  • Two-day biannual Dental Encounters experiences at UMMC
  • Preferred candidate for $35,000-per-year dental school scholarship

MRDSP enrichment activities

Each student must:

  • Attend Dental Encounters twice yearly.
  • Complete a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) of his or her hometown.
  • Prepare poster presentation of his or her Community Needs Assessment for display at the Mississippi Rural Health Association conference.
  • Spend a minimum of 40 hours each calendar year with an approved rural dentist mentor in the student's college town or hometown. These hours will be accumulated during the summer and school year. Each dentist must complete an evaluation form and submit it to the MRDSP executive director. Lab coats with the MRDSP logo are provided to each participant for use during shadowing experiences.

Integrity clause

"As a member of the Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program, I aspire to earn my place in the dental community of Mississippi. I accept responsibility for my conduct and expect the highest standards of myself. I understand and pledge my commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program. I recognize it is an honor and a privilege to be the recipient of the State's financial investment in me. I pledge to uphold my agreement to practice general or pediatric dentistry in rural Mississippi."