Women's Care

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Women's Urgent Care

UMMC offers the only dedicated women’s urgent care in the region. Staffed around-the-clock, UMMC Women’s Urgent Care provides comprehensive urgent care for obstetric and gynecological emergencies. All patients are treated by UMMC Women's Care physicians.

Services We Provide

UMMC Women’s Urgent Care treats patients seeking assistance with:

  • Pregnancy-related urgencies
  • Post-partum complications from vaginal or cesarean delivery
  • Post-surgical gynecological complications and complaints
  • Gynecological issues such as bleeding or urinary complaints
  • Gynecologic cancer issues

Women's Urgent Care Facilities

The UMMC Women's Urgent Care facility is equipped to handle all obstetric and gynecological emergencies and is designed for efficiency and respect for patients’ privacy

Facility features include:

  • Eight patient rooms with fetal monitoring capabilities, specialized OB-GYN stretchers, televisions, and comfortable visitor seating
  • Two patient exam rooms for less-acute urgencies also offer fetal monitoring
  • A large clinical work room housing point-of-care testing instruments used in diagnosing common pregnancy-related issues
  • Immediate availability of ultrasound imaging