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Microsoft Authenticator App

The Microsoft Authenticator app allows you to confirm your identity when you are away from the UMMC network. This authentication process ensures that your device and accounts are secure against threats and attacks when you connect away from campus. (Many online banks and email accounts use a similar process, prompting you to answer security questions to confirm that it is really you who is logging in)

You’ll need this app to securely access apps such as the Outlook mobile app, the Workday app, Webmail, and more when you are not connected to UMMC’s network (i.e., from home or a public place).

If you are an Entrust user: UMMC is gradually moving away from Entrust and slowly replacing it with Microsoft Authenticator. We plan to move to Microsoft Authenticator exclusively by October 2019. Until then, please be on the lookout for emails and information regarding additional applications that will move to Authenticator over the coming months.

Tip Sheets: Download Microsoft Authenticator

To download Microsoft Authenticator alongside the Outlook mobile app, use the tip sheets below:

To download Microsoft Authenticator alone, use the tips sheets below:

If you have Microsoft Authenticator, but need to install it on a NEW device (replacing an older device), use the tip sheet below on adding a new device:

If you have already downloaded Microsoft Authenticator for use with an app, you do not need to download it again. Once downloaded, the app will help you confirm your identity with all required apps.

Have questions about the app? Contact the Help Desk at (601) 984-1145 or via the Self-Service icon on your desktop.