Five team members in the Division of Medical Genetics and Genomics
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Division of Adult Medical Genetics and Genomics 

The Division of Medical Genetics and Genomics offers comprehensive genetic counseling and consultation services for those already diagnosed with, or are suspected to have, a heritable condition. The division offers services in a variety of areas including cardiovascular, neurology, cancer, and general adult genetics. The team includes a clinical geneticist, genetic counselors, nurse practitioner, and registered nurse. The team identifies individuals who may have heritable conditions based on personal and/or family history, and performs pre- and post-testing counseling, including discussion of screening and management recommendations based on family history and/or genetic test results. 

As genetic testing is often complex, the division aims to assist with discussion of appropriate genetic testing options, provide counseling on results, and educate patients on the genetic impact to their personal and family health. This team can offer patients specific testing and management as per guidelines associated with each genetic etiology and help identify other members of the family who are at risk and are appropriate to test.  

Welcome from Our Division Director

University of Mississippi Medical Center Adult Medical Genetics and Genomics service is leveraging what we know about the human genome and disease to change the way we predict, diagnose, and treat patients more precisely and personally than ever before.

Pawel Pomianowski, MD